how to remove blood stains from carpet
How To Remove Dried Blood Stains From Carpets?

First contact your insurance company and talk to them about your stain on your carpet. The reason is that removing blood from your carpet will carry a risk. If you decide to use a professional carpet cleaner you might be asked to sign a disclaimer because of the risk.

Now you know about the risk you can decide if you want to take it yourself. and go the DIY road?

Here is the professional way to remove dried blood stains from your carpet.

1. Physically lift excess with spatula
2. Now use a neutral Ph stain remover. The reason is that if your carpet has stain protection on it you will not strip it out. blot don’t rub. keep checking and changing the surface of the towel you are using for transfer. if you’re not getting any blood out go to next step.
3. Now use alkaline stain remover this will be one that has a higher Ph. test in a corner of the carpet first for colour bleed from the carpet. The way you do this is apply to the test area the press down with white paper towel for a few minutes, then check to see if any colour from you carpet has come out. if it has call a professional carpet cleaner to remove the dried blood. if you are still not getting any blood out of the carpet. rinse the area and go to next step.
4. Now we are into professional stain removal. there are a few more things you can try to remove the blood but we advise you call a professional carpet cleaner as these are very high risks and involve products you will not be able to buy in the supermarket.

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