cleaning protein fibers

Cleaning Protein Fibers (Animal)

ike its name suggests, a protein fiber is a fiber that is made of protein or animal based, wool and silk.

a. Wool

wool is a protein fiber from sheep. it’s easily dyed so staining can be a problem. also colour can be removed with strong alkaline and oxidizing bleaches. wool also degrades with long and repeated exposure to high alkalinity, it will completely dissolve in a mix of 6% soloution of chlorine bleach. always leave wool carpets in a neutral state by rinsing with acid solution of a pH 5.5 to 6.5

b. Silk

Silk is mostly found in rugs. when encountered it should be treated with the same precautions as wool, only wit more delicacy. i.e avoid bleach and take care with alkaline solutions and aggressive tamping action. exercise extreme caution when using volatile dry solvents ( alcohol perchloroethylene, trichlorethylene) it can cause colour migration.

Cleaning Protein Fibers (Animal)

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Ian Harper


Product Description & Directions for Use:
Prespray Gold is a high concentrate professional strength prespray cleaner for
wool, wool mix, stain resistant nylon and other pH sensitive wet-cleanable
carpets, rugs and upholstery fabrics. Prespray Gold is an advanced formula
product with high cleaning power but mild pH to tackle tough oily and greasy soils
prior to extraction rinsing. WoolSafe Approved maintenance product for wool
carpets and rugs.
For professional and industrial use only.
Do not allow product to freeze.
Mix 30ml of Prespray Gold per litre of water (1 to 32).
Always pre-test carpets or fabrics for colour fastness and texture change
with diluted solution before proceeding.
Apply diluted solution by suitable sprayer and agitate heavily soiled areas with
carpet pile brush or upholstery brush and white towel. Follow up with extraction
cleaning to pre-treated areas using B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse, S781 Liquid
Woolsafe or B106 Extraclean in the extraction machine solution tank. Do not
allow pre-treated areas to dry before following up with extraction cleaning.
Where pre-inspection and testing indicates a risk of colour bleed or browning, use
only B109 Fibre & Fabric Rinse in the extraction machine to rinse extract the
Prespray Gold, subject to testing and in accordance with label directions.
Do not use this product on water-sensitive fibres or fabrics.
• Pre-conditioner for use on pH sensitive wet-cleanable carpets and fabrics
• WoolSafe approved carpet & upholstery prespray
• Amber liquid with floral lemon fragrance
pH Concentrate: 8.0
pH Diluted: 8.0