Carpet Cleaning Confirmation Letter Example


Congratulations on choosing Me Ian Harper. I Know You Will Be Pleased with the conscientious services you will receive.

I am confirming the following appointment to provide you with the requested cleaning service.

On Arrival time Your Cleaning Package Is

First, I would like to explain the two different specifications (see attachment) I designed these two options so you would not have to pay for things that you don’t need or can do yourself. Many carpet cleaners will just have a one fits all service. This is not fair to people like yourself. The differences are three fold

1. Most people just have one or maybe two stains and it’s not a problem for me to remove these free but, a small number have many more stains taking time and product to remove and why should you subsidize this? (Stains are defined as having colour and spots are brown or black) 2. This also applies to vacuuming most people vac on a regular basis, so not real issue here. 3. Lastly moving stuff again this can take more time than it takes to clean a carpet. Again why should you have to pay for my time at someone else’s home if you live in a clutter free home?

So I hope that explains the differences and why I have them for your benefit.

So that we can provide you with the best possible experience in the most efficient manner your cooperation will assist us in living up to our excellent standards. 1. We need you to do a few things to prepare the areas that we will be cleaning. Please have all small furniture moved, such as dining chairs, coffee tables, floor lamps, and such out of the areas to be cleaned. We do not move breakables, electrical goods, desks, or anything else that might cause us to break something if moved. If you are old or infirm, please call the office and I sure we can assist. 2. If we are cleaning bedrooms, please strip the bed then stand it on its side and please vacuum under it. For small bedrooms we would advise doing the above and then placing the bed back into position as the carpet under will be clean and it will make cleaning the dirty areas in the room easier. 3. Please vacuum all areas to be clean including edges. 4. Remove all children’s toys from the area. 5. Please have a parking space available close to the front door as I work from the van.

Thank You, look forward to meeting you.

Ian Harper MBICSc City & Guilds In cleaning Science

P.S For your convenience we have just added debit and credit card payment. If you would like to use this way of paying, we only charge you just £2.00 processing fee. Please check website for which cards we accept. Sorry No Cheques, and of course we take cash

Ian Harper

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