How Long Do Germs Live On Carpets?

Germs (Bacteria & Viruses) need the right environment to live. Viruses like Norovirus can live in your carpet for 12 days. that’s putting you and your family at risk and even passing in onto other people and places.

The big message we are told is washing hands to break the chain. but, Our guard is down when at home. This is a mistake as we can’t be sure that last visit to the nursing home, we did not bring bugs back and have been walked in on our shoes. This is just one example how those invisible bacteria get passed around. Hygiene management for sick, vulnerable people old, young, and pets is especially important. Its at these times we should look at our home hygiene management.

Germs -The Chain Of Infection Report

This reports conclusions are “Microbiological and other data reviewed in this report show that pathogens are constantly being shed or spread from human, animal, food and water sources in home and everyday life settings, and are transmitted via the hands and via environmental sites and surfaces etc. such that people become exposed and infected. It is now well accepted that reducing the infection risk is not achieved by trying to eliminate infectious agents from our environment.

Not only is this unachievable, it is also undesirable. The optimum approach is to focus on breaking the chain of infection transmission by intervening at “critical points” in the chain.”

It recommends “If we are to sustain high level protection against infectious disease, in the face of changing demographics and microbial evolution, we must recognise that the responsibility for hygiene must be shared by the public. To achieve this, we need an integrated family-centred approach to hygiene promotion”


How To Clean Carpets

Ian Harper