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Rent Carpet Cleaner? 10 Basic Things You Should Know Before Renting.

It so easy to rent a carpet cleaner these days you should know a few things before cleaning your carpet and avoid any mistakes.

  1. What Type Of Carpet Are You Cleaning
  2. Will The Stains Come Out When I Clean My Carpet
  3. What Problems Can Be Caused By Over Wetting A Carpet
  4. How To Deal With An Odour Issue
  5. What Is The Difference Between Spots & Stains On Carpet
  6. What Can Cause Damage To A Damp Or Wet Carpet
  7. What One Thing Can Remove Over 80% of the Dirt Before Wet Cleaning?
  8. What Can Speed Up Drying A Carpet After Cleaning
  9. What Is Defoamer Used For And Why Is Important
  10. Is Cleaning A Recognised Trade?

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Never Use Washing Detergent In A Rental Carpet Cleaner

We have all seen how washing detergents can foam up its the number one reason not to put Persil into a rug doctor carpet cleaner. If you look at rug doctor’s product range you will find a product called defoamer. The purpose of this defoamer is, say at some time you have cleaned a spillage on your carpet up with a detergent that can foam up defoamer will stop the residue foaming up in the recovery tank and damaging the machine.

So how does foam damage a machine. the vacuums in a rug doctor will be protected from water or by some kind of a valve. as water fills up the recovery tank and gets to its limit the valve will shut. The problem with foam is that it can get past this value in the carpet cleaner and into that vacuums, and we all know what happens when water and electric come together.

Detergents are designed for the job at hand. Persil is designed for washing machines and carpet cleaning products are designed for carpet cleaning.

I know that when you add up all the extras when using a rug doctor it starts to get expensive. you need to look at all you options. just spending your time on the phone getting quotes from carpet cleaners can be worth the effort. collect as many phone numbers as you can. draw up what you would expect from a professional carpet cleaner and find out if you match them up.

Regarding prices for professional carpet cleaning the range can very vary wide. expensive does not mean any better than value price. lots of times your paying for stuff you do not need. like stain removal, vacuuming, moving stuff. having empty rooms can save you lots. just use this when asking for a quote. Get the price first then ask for a price without these three things and it should drop a lots as the time taken and products used will be far less.

When getting a quote remember that you buying clean carpets. dont get caught out by marketing speak like what method or machine they use.

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