Joe Polish – We Miss You Letter -Direct Response

Joe Polish – We Miss You Letter -Direct Response

Joe polish is the best carpet cleaning marketer. he has done more for the image of carpet cleaning than any one else. shaping direct response for many years. we went to one of his boot camp in 1999 and have to say it was a moment that changed our lives.

Just to demonstrate how great direct response is, we had a maid service at the time and use all the market material that Joe was putting out with a few changes for that business. That business employed over 20 part time staff.

Where is Joe Polish Now?

Joe has nothing to prove to carpet cleaners and restoration businesses. He now runs many business along with genius network and works with The best in many business helping them serve others like he does and we should.

Joes knowledge knows no bounds he spends pots of money each year educating himself. To think this guys was dead broke way back shows that its possible for us to have success if we choose to serve others.

One of the big take aways from this is that its ok to have a exit plan. you don’t have to spend your whole life on the end of a wand cleaning carpets. being good or great at cleaning has little worth these day apart from serving others. much more effective is to build on that help and serve many more people, just like Joe Polish

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