What Problems Can Be Caused By Over Wetting A Carpet

The number one reason people and poor carpet cleaners over wet a carpet is that they dont understand emulsification and detergents. You can go over and over a dirty carpet but unless you emulsify the dirt it will not come out. All you are doing is over wetting the carpet.

Your goal is to remove dry dirt by vacuuming well (20 minutes average room) and then wet cleaning the remaining dirt that is bonded to the fiber in as fewer passes as possible.

The longer a carpet takes to dry the more chance you have of bacteria growth and a bad odour remaining for days in your home.

Over wetting a carpet will cause bacteria to start multiply and this causes odours. plus on woven carpets that’s old and worn it can cause shrinkage. also if the carpets been down a long time and not as well fitted.

Why You Should Use A Professional Carpet Cleaner To Clean Your Carpets.

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